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netflix new voices script contest

new boundaries. new voices. new stories.

Netflix believes that great stories can come from anywhere, and be loved everywhere. We also believe that more people want to see their lives reflected on screen and should have the chance to be heard. That’s why Netflix partnered with Scriptbank to launch the New Voices Script Contest in November 2020 and find the next generation of screenwriters.

Netflix Original Film Balle Perdue

New boundaries

On Netflix, the borders between sharing content around the world no longer exist. The audiences around the world today are more diverse than ever and they demand that the shows they watch reflect the world they live in.... Whether in their neighbourhoods, social groups or social media - inclusion of thought, race/ethnicity and gender is part of their experience- the human experience. With this contest we look to break New Boundaries to find New Voices and tell New Stories that will entertain in exciting new ways.
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Balle Perdue

New voices script contest

On June 30, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced the winners of the Netflix New Voices Script Contest. Over the past four months, fifteen writers have written screenplays with the help of script coaches. Seven winners received a prize. The winners are:
Joosje Duk, Elvira Porcedda, Shanice Kamminga, Luca Izeboud, Samya Hafsaoui, Yücel Kopal, Dorothée de Rooy.

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  • Website open for talent to register and receive writing assignment.
    Open: November 20th
    Closed: December 17th
  • Contest page open to submit filmplan and writing assignment.
    Open: December 3rd
    Closed: January 4th
  • Video meeting with the Netflix New Voices team.
    Meeting: December 7th
  • Registration closed.
    Closed: December 17th 18:00h
  • Deadline for submitting proposal and writing assignment.
    Closed: January 4th 18:00h
  • Announcement of selected writers to write screenplays.
    February 5th
  • Selected writers will write screenplays with coaches.
    February 5th
    May 28th
  • Announcement winning scripts.
    June 2021
Netflix Original Film Kadaver

New stories

Compelling, surprising, original, unique, entertaining stories with strong characters that offer perspectives and arenas that we haven’t seen yet, and represent the richness of cultures and backgrounds we have in society.... Themes are universal and recognisable to viewers. We are looking for drama as well as action, sci-fi, comedy, horror, romance… all genres are welcome!
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Frequently asked questions

Got a question? Get your answer.
  • What does Netflix hope to achieve with this contest? Netflix believes that more people should see their lives reflected on screen - and these voices should have the opportunity to be heard. With the New Voices Script Contest we aim to find scripts and produce them so that we can showcase the diverse voices we know exist in the Netherlands.
  • How can I participate in this competition? Registration and submission deadlines have passed. We haven’t made plans for another competition in this form. Participants need to be based in the Netherlands or the Caribbean part of the Netherlands.
  • Can I pitch ideas to Netflix through this site? No, this site is dedicated to the Netflix New Voices Contest. Pitches or scripts sent directly to us will not be opened, read or forwarded.
  • Are you looking for writers from specific backgrounds ? We want applications from writers who have entertaining stories to tell from perspectives that reveal a diversity of thought, race/ethnicity and gender, and have an antenna for themes and ways of storytelling that can touch a wide audience. We would like this group of talents to be truly inclusive, regardless of race/ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. We’re trying to stop the pendulum from swinging from one extreme to the other.
  • What level of experience are you looking for? We hope to be surprised by talent we haven’t heard of yet, such as writers who come from other writing disciplines and therefore have fresh and surprising approaches and perspectives. Or new talented storytellers who work in other cultural structures or contemporary artistic fields, who find it a challenge to tell their stories on a platform like Netflix.
    We also welcome writers with a training in film or screenwriting who have already made their first steps in the industry, and who have interesting and urgent stories to tell
  • Is this contest open to writers outside of the Netherlands? Writers need to be based in the Netherlands or the Caribbean part of the Netherlands.
  • I am a New Voice. Which steps can I take? Do you recognize yourself in the profile of a New Voice, and do you want to further develop yourself or an idea? Send a short description of who you are and your ambition to info@netflixnewvoices.nl and we'll see if we can help you further. Note that writers need to be based in the Netherlands or the Caribbean part of the Netherlands.
Selection & development
  • What does Netflix consider a promising script? Netflix’s number one priority is to entertain the world, which is achieved by producing scripts that entertain with great stories driven by great characters. We also like scripts that explore themes and have something to say. Don’t confuse this with having to write some deep, dark drama. To the contrary, the best of all genres usually have a message to deliver about humanity.
  • Does Netflix intend to produce the selected scripts? This contest is a first step to discover writer and talent, and will lead to first draft scripts. If Netflix wants to continue development it starts conversations with writers.